How do you want to be photographed?

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Why should I hire you?

Versatility. My camera and portable studio have hiked windy mountains, weathered rain and snow, traversed sand and salt, waded into lakes and streams, and tucked into anywhere from ritzy back rooms to a crowded convention hallway. These situations taught me the tools to adapt quickly and often to the expected and unexpected.

I thrive when making order out of chaos. Let's work together.

What if I'm not photogenic?

You are a human being; therefore, you are photogenic. I know what beautiful is, I can find it in you, and I know how to capture it in my camera. You be you, and let me do the rest.

How fast can you deliver?

Every photograph is professionally retouched for basic blemishes and other distractions. This takes time. In most cases, your photographs are ready for reveal and download within one (1) week of your session.

What is personal branding photography?

What if you had to explain yourself without saying a word, using only images? Personal branding photography is the visual expression of everything your clients need to know, like and trust you--just by being yourself.

What can a professional portrait do for my brand?

Humans seek connection. Some things we tend to feel comfortable buying without knowing the human(s) behind the brand (cars, shoes, computers, etc.). But what about products and services where the individual is one you will work with directly? Is it easy to trust a therapist if you don't know what he or she looks like? A doctor? The florist responsible for your dream wedding?

A professional portrait with cohesive brand content can boost your client's perception of you and your brand. (Here’s a little research if you’re curious:

Does your website and social media show everything your clients need to know you?