in studio

I'm based in Salt Lake County, Utah, USA. But why stay in one place when the world is so large? I don't have a permanent studio of my own. I rent a studio when I need it, wherever it needs to be. I've even constructed temporary studio spaces outdoors.

on location

My portrait studio has hiked mountains and deserts, waded through lakes and streams, wandered slot canyons, thrived in ritzy gala ballrooms, crammed into crowded event hallways. It goes anywhere, fits anywhere, and can be customized to your imagination.

photo booth

My open-air photo booth brings a bitesize celebrity photo shoot experience to your event that guests won't mind waiting in line for. Guests can be photographed by a professional photographer with pose coaching and custom lighting per group. It goes anywhere, fits anywhere, and can be fully customized.

Does my style and personality fit?

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Based in Draper, Utah, USA

Available for travel.


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