It's a celebrity experience.

Unlike traditional photo booths or step-and-repeat pictures, my portrait studio is an open-air, mini photo shoot station with a professional photographer using custom lighting and poses inspired by Vanity Fair, Vogue, and GQ to make every guest look and feel like a celebrity.

A quick moment in my studio creates a photograph and memory that will keep them talking.

Shown: Ethan Kartchner, Model


How is this studio different from a photo booth?

Unlike traditional photo booths or step-and-repeat pictures, my portrait studio is an open-air, mini photo shoot experience with a professional photographer using professional gear, lighting, and experience to capture sophisticated photographs of every guest. Instead of receiving a strip of pictures, guests can download and print keepsake portraits to enjoy for years to come.

How do I access the photographs?

Internet resolution digital photographs are available for download through an online gallery within 24-48 hours of event. High resolution digital portraits with print release purchased separately.

What does it look like?

The studio is designed to focus on participants by using a backdrop, umbrella light(s), and minimal furniture. Elements from the environment can be incorporated (such as staircases, brick walls, furniture, lighting fixtures, etc.) to create a dynamic look specific to your venue. Guests will be posed and photographed with sophistication as individuals or any group combination they wish. Custom design available by estimate.

Where can it fit?

A sheltered, comfortable space indoors or outdoors with at least a 10x10 wall, corner space, or room works best for a studio that stays in place. Can be modified to roam around the space.

How long can I book for?

My portrait studio can be on site for 2-3 hours. Please check my services page for rates.

What kinds of events can this studio attend?

Community events like, bachelorette parties, conventions, high school dances, awards, galas, special occasions, birthdays, and more. Anywhere you want guests to feel like a celebrity with a unique keepsake that will keep them talking, my studio can be there. Custom design by estimate.

Do you offer individual guest packages?

Yes! If you're hosting an event where you'd prefer guests hav the option to purchase an individual package (ex: school dance), contact me for a custom quote.

Could this studio be used for non-events?

Yes! I offer non-event rates for performance groups, business teams, or any group gathering you might not consider an "event".